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New Fic dabble

Here's an TFA fic idea that came into my head.

Prowl moan as he slowly came online, he could feel small servos touching his face places. “He’s waking up!” a familiar voice called out. His vision started to clear when he saw Sari’s face above him. Prowl tried to speak as he tried to sit but screamed out in pain before lying back down on the ground.

“Easy Prowl, your legs had been pretty mangled; luckily Jazz found you before you got crush to death.” Ratchet’s voice drifted down to where the medic was trying to work on said legs.

“...T-The AllSpark...” Prowl whispered weakly.

“It’s power knock ya out and ya fell off the tower.” Jazz said as he gently wraps his own servos into his “Seems like the AllSpark had other plans for ya.” Jazz then got serious. “Don’t ya ever scare me like that again!”

“...S-Sorry...” Prowl weakly looked around him, seeing the city was okay that’s when he notice something odd about him. “...M-My armor...”

“That crusher had some metal eating nano bites in it. They sadly eat most of it when I found ya.” Jazz said “But Master Yoketron’s helmet is at lest in one piece.”

Ratchet suddenly came into view. “Well I fixed you legs the best that I can do. I’ll contact some friends on Cybertron to be ready to led a servo to finish the job.”

“Oh Prowl guess what, we found the missing proforms!” Sari said happy “Sadly there are two left since Starscream and Megatron had been using the others.” Prowl couldn’t help but smile weakly back.

- - -

Everyone was getting ready to head back to Cybertron, Megatron and the Decepticons they had captured safely in the brig in Omega, the final preparations was being made. Jazz was gently carrying Prowl up the gangplank into the Omega when he heard Sari calling out. He turned to see the young tecno-organic racing up with her stuff and holding a very odd small tree in a pot. “What ya got there Sari?” he asked. Prowl was also a bit curious.

“It’s called a bonsai tree.” She said “I know we can’t really take Prowl’s tree so I thought this will be next best thing.”

“...T-Thank you, Sari...” the smaller ninja spoke with a weak smile.

“It’s a bit small don’t ya think?” Jazz said.

Sari couldn’t help but laugh. “They are made to be small as long as they stay in their little pots.” Sari smiled again. “I know you guys have this rule on Cybertron about organic things but since Optimus is the one bring in Megatron maybe he can convince everyone else it’s okay for Prowl to have it.”