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All I want to say that today is my birthday. ^_^

Odd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vid

Was looking around YouTube and found this...

Funny Jazz vid

Here's a new vid I made.


Fic idea/dabble

            The battle was fierce that day on both sides. The Decepticons were fighting dirty, especially when they got the Autobot’s SIC pinned down. Prowl tried to cycle air through his vents, his helm hurting from when Frenzy hit him with his pile drivers. His vision cloudy as he could barely hear his comrades asking him for battle tactics. When the battle was over is when his best friend and lover, Jazz, had found him. “Prowler,” he said gently as he knelt next to him “it’s going to be okay. Ratchet will fix ya up.”


- -


            “That hit on the helmet jar and damage some parts of his CPU.” Ratchet said later on back at the base “Until I get the parts from Cybertron to fix it he’s going to have a major processor ache.”

            “Can he work?” Jazz had to ask.

            Ratchet shook his head. “He will be too much in pain to even get off his berth.” He said “I can have a special medicine to ease the pain for him but that’s all I can do until the parts come in.”


- - -


            Prowl moan weakly as he laid in his berth in his quarters. His CPU was hurting him so much. Suddenly his door cycled open and his lover walked in. It hurt Jazz’s spark to see his lover in so much pain. He came over and sat next to his berthside. “Hey Prowler, still hurting?” Prowl could only weakly nod his head cause of the pain. Jazz gently open a panel on his love’s helm and started to give the special medicine Ratchet show him how to do.

Idea in my head.

Need to get is down before I forget.

Prowl loves Jazz, but tries to hide it cause of one glitch that no one knows about.  He cannot bond.  All feelings he have for Jazz gets back up into his spark and it haves energy spikes so bad it hurts him, so he aways hides away from the other Autobots to open his chest pate to try and get rid of the extra energy in his spark.  Of course when he goes into hiding, he worries Jazz, who is afraid Prowl don't like him anymore.
I am Bastet.
I am Bastet.
Take The Egyptian Goddess in all of us test today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.



Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of Cats, Women, and Protection. It is said that when you call upon her for protection, she appears at your side in the form of a giant panther, and stays with you until you reach safety, or your destination. She was worshipped mainly in Bubastis in the Delta and in the Late Period of Ancient Egypt, regarded as a Benificient Diety.

Shattered Glass plot bunny

Shattered Glass
Jazz/Prowl (mentions)

Normal Universe

Character bios for fic:

Shattered Glass

Jazz – Autobot, Ricochet’s twin brother. An elite bodyguard to Optimus Prime. Cool and cruel, Jazz pities the fool, thug, or soul who won't join Optimus Prime in taking over the world. He is the best bodyguard, because he'll take a bullet, he'll take a stab wound, he'll take a hit upside the head; he's like a Kamikaze pilot. There ain't no other like him, except maybe his brother Ricochet, and the two guard Prime from chumps. They treat him right.
            Optimus Prime has pitied Jazz ever since intercepted transmissions from Earth influenced his behavior, but he lets Jazz continue so long as he keeps busting up crazy dudes.
            Even though he hates Decepticons and wants to take over the world, long ago before the war started, Jazz was in love with his soon to be intended, Prowl. But when Optimus started to rage war Jazz joined in but Prowl joined the Decepticons cause of how much he hated war. When one day Prowl got capture by the Autobots, Jazz vontreer to be Prowl’s interroatior but after each section he would quietly tell his love that he will find a way to get him out. But one day, when he came back from patrol, he found Prowl dead and it broke his spark. He’s unsure who killed his love, but he guess it’s was his twin’s fault.

Ricochet – Autobot, Jazz’s twin brother. An elite bodyguard to Optimus Prime.  Manic and malicious.  He's famous for brutal battlefield slaughters that have left few Decepticons alive to take prisoner. His wild shooting sprees are the mark of a dangerously unhinged being, the exact image Ricochet wants to project.
            Though he puts on such displays primarily as an act, the "crazy" thing isn't actually all that far from the truth. Ricochet is both afraid of betrayal within his own ranks by those who covet his high position to the point of paranoia, and is also haunted by the knowledge that his brother is Prime's favorite of the two. His rampages serve to both increase his kill-count to look good in Prime's eyes, as well as "accidentally" take care of any would-be usurpers... and who knows, maybe one day Jazz might "accidentally" end up a casualty... that would be such a pity.
            Before the war started, he knew Jazz had always been in love with Prowl, but he never wanted the two of them together. It has been said that it was Ricochet that killed the Decepticon tactician during the last vorn of intense interrogation.

Prowl – Decepticon, tactician, dead when the fic begins. He was the lover of Jazz before the war started, and even so when they were on separate sides. When he got captured by the Autobots and interrogated, mostly by his lover who promised him that he will get him out somehow, only to be killed off by Ricochet instead.

Normal Universe

Cliftjumper –Autobot. Still having no way home and stuck in the alternate dimension, he helps the kind hearted Decepticons. But in his dimension, he went MIA and person dead.

Prowl – Autobot, tactician, bonded with Jazz. Been badly inured, and with a damage ped as well when they were fighting over the space bridge on Earth against the Deceptions and fell in to the space bridge before it went haywire and transports him to the Shatter Glass dimension.


Plot ideas in the Shatter Glass fic:

  1. When Prowl arrives in the alternate dimension, he is found by one of the Decepticons and is taken back to base. During this time Prowl’s unconscious cause of his injuries.
  2. Prowl wakes up to see a “caring” Hook looking over him, nearly freaks out and starts causing his CUP to overheat. Clifjumper was called in and able to calm his second in command down somewhat.
  3. Cliftjumper was told of Prowl and Jazz’s history in this dimension.
  4. Prowl, not able to fell Jazz through their bond, is not doing so well and being badly injured is not helping.
  5. Jazz (Shatter Glass) had been crawling through the air ducks in the Decepticon base, spying for his Prime, had spies the badly injured Prowl through vents and get himself “capture” by the Deceptions.
  6. Jazz tells Megatron he will join the Decepticons just until they find a way to get Prowl back to his dimension. Saying it what his Prowl would have wanted, knowing that Prowl at lest need to get better enough to survive the trip back to his dimension.
  7. Trying not to let Prowl see the rest of his color scheme, Jazz helps Clifjumper to keep Prowl clam, letting Prowl think he was his Jazz until away to get Prowl back is found.

New funny vid

Here's a new vid I made.



The Wind Benath My Wings (dabbles)

Just some dabbles for a fic I'm trying to do.  It's not beta read yet but I would love it someone would like the Co-Write it with me.

Parings: ProwlXJazz

 Summery: (G1 fic) Jazz always wanted to know what it’s like to fly. He’s intended bondmate was a flyer until...

“blah” – Normal human speck
blah – thinking
blah’ – Comm. Specking

Dabble 1
            “Grandpa Jazz!!!” Two little sparklings ran up to the ageing sabatour. One little sparkling was golden and black color while the other looked like a mini version of Jazz. Both sparkings had a visor.

            “Woah! Hold ya turbo-horses.” Jazz said “What’s the rush?”

            “Can you tell us a story?” the black and gold sparkling asked.

            “What you want to hear about?”

            “Tell us about Granddaddy.” The mini Jazz sparkling said.

            “Yeah like when you meet him.”

            “You’re sure you want to hear? It’s a pretty long story.” Jazz said.

            “Please???” the sparklings pleaded.


            “Yeay!” The two sparklings sat on the floor in front of him.


Dabble 2
            Jazz was a simple musician from Kaon living on Cybertron during the Golden Age. He was carefree and happy, but he had a secret. He always wanted to know what if felt like to fly. When ever he was alone and has free time, he would stare up at the sky and watched the Cybertronians that was bless with the gift of flight, unlike a ground type like himself. Watching the flyers do what they do best was the most beautiful thing Jazz could ever see. Someday, I’ll meet one and ask if I can take a ride. He thought to himself Just to see what’s it like to be off the ground.



Dabble 3
            The med bay was full of mechs from the Decepticon Prison Camp. Jazz tried not to purge his tanks at the site as he, Optimus Prime, and Kup talked with Ratchet. “Many didn’t survive from the transfer here.” The CMO spoke “And I’m worried many more here won’t survive the orn.”

            “That’s terrible.” Optimus said “They had suffered so much at the hands of the Decepticons.”

            “Yes but surprisingly the worst of them all is still holding on.”

            “The worst?” Jazz asked confused. He and his Ops team were on another mission during the rescue so he didn’t know too much.

            “I’ll show you.” Ratchet said as he guide them to one of the ICU rooms. In the berth on the room was a mech that looks very badly damage. The mech was lying on his side; the lower half was covered with a thermal blanket, what appears to be two mangle panels sticking out of the mech’s back. Jazz looked confused before he slowly started to come near the damage mech. Something deep in his spark was telling Jazz he somehow know the damage mech.

Where's Red Alert when you need him?

Two days ago a rogue software called System Security 2009 sneaked on my computer and my Ani-virus software didn't see it.  So watch out for this software.  It's a scam.  It messes up your computer like a virus itself, tells you computer it's infected with a whole bunch of virus that's not even there and tries to make you buy it's system, in which it just steals any and all information from your computer, like passwords, personal info, credit numbers...ect.  Luckily when it got onto mine, since I connect to the net wirelessily it cut off my router so it can't send any info my computer had on it back to who ever made the dang thing.  I had to use my dad's computer to look for a cure and how I found out that the software was fake.  It took until yesterday afternoon after I got off work to finally got rid of it and run my Ani-virus software to get rid of any other lingering stuff that the fake program snuck in.